February Flash Talks 2014

Yes it was on again, Flash Talks! Where you get up and talk for 5 minutes about Coding and Stuff, we learn something, and people win prizes!

The talks:

March - Spring, cloud deployment and CloudFoundry - Paul Chapman & Lawrence Crowther

Spring Cloud offers a simple way for JVM apps in the cloud to access services and discover their own information during runtime with special support for Spring appliations. It offers an extensible mechanism to make it work on multiple clouds and a variety of cloud services.

Through the abstraction of cloud connector, you can make your application work with multiple clouds (currently Cloud Foundry and Heroku) without any changes.  Expanding this theme we will demonstrate the Spring experience using Pivotal's Cloud Foundry PaaS platform.


April WildFly 8 Launch - Jef Mesnil

WildFly 8 (née JBoss Application Server) is Red Hat's open source Java EE 7 compliant application server. It contains robust implementations of WebSocket, Batch, JSON, Concurrency, JMS2, JAX-RS 2, CDI 1.1, and all Java EE 7 technologies. Undertow is the new cutting-edge web server in WildFly 8 and is designed for maximum throughput and scalability, including environments with over a million connections. The number of ports is reduced used by multiplexing protocols over HTTP using HTTP Upgrade.

 Role Based Access Control support organizations with separated management responsibilities and restrictions. Roles represent different sets of permissions such as runtime operation execution, configuration areas that can read or written, and the ability to audit changes and manage users. In addition a new restricted audit log can be enabled including the ability to offload to a secure syslog server.

 WildFly also provides a "core" distribution that is ideal for framework authors that want to build their own application runtime using the powerful WildFly 8 architecture.

 NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse allow WildFly to be used for development, deployment, and debugging.

This session will provide an overview of all these features using several live demos.

Format: 30 mins overview of WildFly 8 + 30 mins deep dive on some specific topic(s)

Slides: https://rawgithub.com/jmesnil/wildfly-deck/jms2.0/deck/slides.html#1.0



May - How awesome is elasticsearch? - Peter McNeil

There has been a fair bit of talk about elasticsearch, a search engine using lucene. What makes elasticsearch different to Solr and how can it be used. Peter will talk about his experiences trying out elasticsearch and show some real code. In particular the new features in elasticsearch 1.x like aggregations.

Podcast: cjug-may-2014-PeterMcNeil.mp3

June - Java 8: Create the future - Angela Calcedo

Angela Caicedo from Oracle will give us a technical presentation on Java 8.

Podcast: cjug-june-2014-AngelaCalcedo.mp3

July - David Smith from Peoplebank jobs rundown new payroll tax laws and their new part time contracting tool

David will talk about the payroll tax law changes, run through the job market update and have a Q&A session.

Podcast: July-2014-DavidSmith.mp3

August - Pimp yo JS wit Gradle - Peter McNeil

Sense seems to be prevailing and people are using  native Javascript frameworks to do their front end code instead of JSF GWT wicket and others. But the Javascript world continues to try reinventing the tools used for developing serious enterprise applications, and they're hitting all the issues we've already solved.

Gradle http://www.gradle.org/ is "The new black" in build tools in a world of polyglot projects, attarcting many away for the over opinionated world of maven where one size doesn't quite fit all. Gradle is the new Android build system and learns from the mistakes and builds on the good bits of Ant, Maven and even make!

The Javascript world is currently moving away from Grunt, a glorified Make tool that is hard to configure and modularise, and dependency management is still evolving.... why not just shoot the mutants and move directly to the highly evolved world of Gradle?

I'm going to show you how to do just that... I hope...

Vodcast: cjug-brackets-web-titled.mp4

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