February 2011

Flash Talks! We had six speakers this year in the running to win some wonderful prizes from Peoplebank and Red Hat. This year the judging was based on the "Clap-o-meter" where we lined everyone up at the end of the talks and judged the winner based on a clap response from the audience - I used my calibrated audio engineers ears to judge the winner (obviously I wasn't in the running) - and the winner was Hrvoje Pejcinovic followed closely by first time Flash Talker Peter Runge and Tim Williscroft.

Everyone who presented did a great job and I hope to get the rest of the slides up RSN.

Talk: Media Wars
Speaker: Miles Goodhew

Talk: Zero to DSL in 60 Seconds (x5)
Speaker: Peter McNeil

Slides : 02DSL60x5.pdf

Talk: JBoss
Speaker: Craig Dent

Talk: What your mama didin't teach you about closures. (1st)
Speaker: Hrvoje

Talk: The cool multicore future in Java 8 (3rd)
Speaker: Tim Williscroft

Talk: Erised: type-safe reflective access to JavaBean properties. (2nd)
Speaker: Peter Runge

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