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  • Pimp yo JS wit Gradle - Peter McNeil When: Wednesday, August 13 - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Where: PeopleBank offices, 7-9 Moore Street, Canberra City (map)

    Pimp yo JS wit Gradle - Peter McNeil

    Sense seems to be prevailing and people are using  native Javascript frameworks to do their front end code instead of JSF GWT wicket and others. But the Javascript world continues to try reinventing the tools used for developing serious enterprise applications, and they're hitting all the issues we've already solved.

    Gradle is "The new black" in build tools in a world of polyglot projects, attarcting many away for the over opinionated world of maven where one size doesn't quite fit all. Gradle is the new Android build system and learns from the mistakes and builds on the good bits of Ant, Maven and even make!

    The Javascript world is currently moving away from Grunt, a glorified Make tool that is hard to configure and modularise, and dependency management is still evolving.... why not just shoot the mutants and move directly to the highly evolved world of Gradle?

    I'm going to show you how to do just that... I hope...


Java security patch breaks Guava library

As reported in :

"A small security fix in Java update 51, released last week, appears to be incompatible with the popular Google Guava library."

JEP 188: Java Memory Model Update

Doug Lea has introduced this JEP which  "serves to provide information and guidance for efforts bearing on shared-memory concurrency, including those on Java SE specification updates, JVM concurrency support, JDK components, testing, and tools."

The motivation for this seems to be to fix issues with the memory model brought on by changes in technology, mainly parallelism, and limitations in the current model shown up by new software and techniques. The model was last revised in JSR 133.

CJUG Changes a bit

In case you hadn't noticed CJUG is now CJUG, yes, amazing, I know! After canvasing widely we have substitued J instead of Java indicating that we do much more than just Java. The J stands for JVM, Java, Javascript and "Just about anything to do with coding."

We trust you'll enjoy the continued focus on bringing interesting topics to Canberra and opportunities to network with other people with the same interests.

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